Wylgarde Surprises

The party moved on from Jericho toward the mainland of the northern continent, and stopped at the port city of Wylgarde in Jurn to do some business. Upon arriving, they noticed a smoking and damaged ship limping into dock and three prominent merchant vessels next to each other, flying the flags of different companies’ management.

After engaging in commerce, the party headed to the Scurvy Spyglass, a middle-scale tavern that appealed to tourists with a piratey theme. They discovered Silver there, standing on a table and singing. Theron snuck into a back room, disguised as a server, to spy on the merchant admirals having their discussion. It seems that merchant ships are being attacked by strange vessels of unknown origins which are only stealing the most valuable items.

Silver left and snuck back in, and spoke with the party about their progress. Upon learning of the Hyperion prophecy and Ezekiel’s news, he grew quite concerned. He explained that a group or cult called the Order of the Hero believed that a great hero had defended the world from a great threat and then been betrayed by the gods and imprisoned. Silver believes that the Order will be seeking out the Seals and trying to free the being imprisoned in chains. He suggested ignoring the falling lights completely, calling them “a symptom,” and focusing on securing the seals so that the Order could not unlock them.

After playing a prank on Silver, the party left and was immediately lured into a confrontation with some well-trained and -equipped thugs. The party defeated the thugs and interrogated one. They believed that the thug was a member of the Apothecareum, a supposedly-mythical underworld organization. He claimed that he was given orders to capture the party and bring them to the High Surgeon in Volrun. The party told him to go hide in the mountains for three days before he even thought about reporting back.

The party departed Wylgarde, intending to visit Volrun, Lake Sinon, and the Tartarus Chasm.


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