The Events at Jericho

The party briefly moored at Landing to take on supplies. They named their ship Iola the Arctic Gale after a little girl that helped outfit it.

In pursuit of the scholar mentioned in the Hyperion prophecy, the party traveled to Jericho, an Eladrin city. The city was one enormous pair of towers, dripping with greenery, and with parts of the towers disappearing into a cloud of mist and a mass of leaves. Most of the party submitted to having their weapons peacebound and entered the city, but Abraham refused and stayed behind.

The rest of the party toured the city with the accompaniment of a minder, Peter. They learned that it is very xenophobic and that the only way to get access to the astronomer at the Academy was to get permission from the Patriarch, Isaac. While they were making a plan, they noticed that their ship was no longer in dock, but instead was hovering over the city.

Upon visiting the guardhouse at the docks, the party learned that Abe had attacked the ship in some sort of attempt to enter Jericho with an unbound weapon. Peter recognized Abe, saying that he was a proponent of the “Judasian Heresy.” This drew the attention of Micah, some sort of special investigator for the Patriarch. Because of Abe’s crimes and heresy, he was to have a trial in front of the Patriarch, and the party was permitted to attend.

At the trial, Abe was allowed to speak in his defense. He shouted that Judas was alive, and was immediately silenced by Micah. The Patriarch passed sentence on Abe: reeducation. Suddenly, the Patriarch’s guards were killed by a series of well-aimed crossbow bolts, and a figure dove from the gallery into the crowd.

The party leaped into action, fighting the apparent assassin, who seemed to be in some sort of berserker trance. Abe ran up to him and demanded that the assassin release him, but both the party and the assassin attacked him and knocked him unconscious. The party defeated the assassin and the Patriarch survived. Afterwards, someone in the crowd shouted out Theron Skarvald’s real name, even though he was traveling incognito. As cheers rose, Salim determined that there were plants in the crowd, designed to interfere with the guards and help with the commotion.

After Abe, the body of the assassin, and a conspirator were dragged off, the party met with the Patriarch, who granted them permission to speak with the astronomer, Ezekiel. They traveled up to the Academy through the fogbank and found themselves in a missing section of tower apparently located in the Shadowfell.

Ezekiel told the party that the Baleful Stars were becoming more active. When asked about the terrible light mentioned in the Hyperion prophecy, he searched and discovered that Acamar and Gibbeth were sending meteors down into the world. Gibbeth’s child star was smaller, and would land in Lake Sinon; Acamar’s was larger, and would hit the massive iceberg of Thelchteria. Both would strike with enough force to momentarily blind anyone looking at them.

Before leaving, the party asked a few questions of Ozem, the academy’s arcane historian.


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