Abyss and Mechanus

The party was thrown from Karadjin Oh-um’s skiff into the Abyss along with crates of supplies, protected only by some rather simple featherfall vests.


They landed in the Plain of a Thousand Portals, a vast desert pockmarked with sinkholes. They fought their way through an iron fortress to a ladder leading deep below into the next level.

On the next level, the Driller’s Hives, the party crossed a swaying, organic bridge to a bulbous structure where a group of demons were performing some sort of ritual to open a portal to the material plane. Wary of taking the direct path, the party moved through some sort of organic substructure that quickly grew hostile.

The party was cut off from each other by woody sphincters in a keratinous maze. They finally escaped into a large chamber beneath the portal. Suspended from fleshy stalks in the middle was a Marut who seemed to be powering the ritual. The party freed him and attracted the attention of a Balor. Theron Skarvald barely escaped the battle with his life when the Marut performed a teleportation ritual to transport the party to the plane of Mechanus.


The party traveled through a cloudy sky on a series of clock faces. The Marut confronted Mikaul, saying that he had gone against his nature by rejecting Eladrin society. Mikaul pledged to return to his proper way of being. Marut offered the group a boon in exchange for their help.

The party inquired about acquiring “an sword of pure evil wielded by an ancient god” and the Marut summoned up a blade that seemed to try to telepathically corrupt those around it. While it didn’t seem to be the Sword of the Hero the party was looking for, the Marut ended up crushing the sentient crate containing the sword after it showed signs of corruption.

The party finally decided on acquiring the powerful artifact Faarlung’s Algorithm and received transportation home to Haven.


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