The Stronghold Prophecy

The party soon figured out that the oracle that provided this prophesy was corrupted by the influence of the prisoner in the obelisk, meaning that its value judgements might be unreliable. The numbers in some lines were a code to open the door to the obelisk under Stronghold.

A king lies in chains
Three seals on his prison
Three locks on each seal

Your masters deceive you
One is tricked by darker forces
One must be trusted but wears a false face

Your actions decide destiny
One path of freedom, triumphant
One path of prison, eternal

Children of gods will challenge you
Two on land with missing wings (Onkar, ?)
Two in mind with twisted dreams (Tetra, ?)

Avoid the allies of the chains:
Three wander: the backhanded whore, the tamer of lamps, the collar-maker
Three hide: the poison prince, the night-eyed scholar, the burned monk

So says the Oracle that spoke for Ioun.
These words will open sealed doors.

The Stronghold Prophecy

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