The Baleful Stars

Also known as the Dread Stars. The most prominent are below.

Hadar the Ember, the Envious Hunger (red)
Acamar the Corpse, the Howling Maw (black)
Gibbeth the Curse, the Unknowable Beast (green)
Ulban the Shadow, the Maddening Lie (blue)
Caiphan the Jewel, the Tempting Lure (bright)
Nihal the Serpent Star (purple), companion to:
Allabar, the Opener of the Way (pale)

Rhuu mentioned that the baleful stars once attacked the world but were somehow repelled, and moved on to destroy the ancient home of the Illithid, forcing them to flee to this world.

Ezekiel noticed that the baleful stars had become more active and were sending objects down toward the world.

The Baleful Stars

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