Protecting the Seal and the Battle of Haven

Upon arriving at Haven, the party consulted some experts. Salim spoke with Atshe Dean about the nature of the constructs and the malicious memories that he had stored on his removed memory disks. Meanwhile, Murrke and Dipana de Lina worked with Brother Li on an experiment: write spirals in Judas’s prayer book to see what happens. The book sent out jets of fire.

Operating under guidance from Avandra, the party headed for Stronghold where they knew that Haven forces were guarding the Seal there under the oversight of Elka and the Order member Kada.


The party snuck into Stronghold without being spotted by the Haven fleet. They found themselves confronted by soldiers from the Order of the Hero, who attacked to keep them from getting to the Seal. When they got to the Seal chamber, they found Kada leading an effort to unlock the final Lock on the Seal.

The party battled the forces of the Order beneath the open obelisk, preventing them from opening the final Lock. When Elka saw how Kada was willing to attack Haven forces to open the Seal, she ordered Kada and other Order members imprisoned.

When the party emerged, they found that two threats to Haven had arrived at the same time: the Construct Navy’s ultimatum came due at the same time as a storm of small baleful stars was falling on the city.

The Battle of Haven

The party fought an air battle to reach the city and volunteered their services to the city. Suspecting that Silver was really a dragon in disguise, they convinced him to break his cover and help in the battle by making a dramatic entrance to the tavern he was attending and making a compelling argument. They helped with the strategy of the city defense and encouraged stranded adventurers in town to contribute.

The party wrested control of the city’s defensive emplacements from aberrant and construct forces, cleared the city streets of the largest threats. Meanwhile the illithid fleet that had been lurking outside the city on the pretense of protecting it from additional threats swept in and collected as many of the meteors as they could. Just as the party had turned the tide of the battle, an enormous dome-shaped construct dreadnaught rose from the ocean and approached Haven.

The party boarded the construct ship and fought their way to its core, where a figure sat on a throne. They recognized him as the artificial body of Chief Ironglove, one of the researchers from the party’s vision at Stronghold. Salim reintegrated his memory plates, giving him memories of being synced with Ironglove. This helped the party to defeat Ironglove and stop the assault on Haven.


The city was damaged but survived. The team was hailed as the Saviors of Haven. Iola was heavily damaged in the fighting. The silver dragon disappeared without telling anyone his name.

At the award ceremony, the festivities were interrupted by the arrival of Gabriella, an angel announcing the arrival of the Hero who would save them all. The party confronted the angel, managing to intimidate her into giving more details. They soon realized that this Hero was Judas seeking redemption, although that is not yet public knowledge.

Salim was awarded a special post as a special protector of Haven, which he accepted in part to recover from the neurological fallout of syncing up with Ironglove.

The party was approached by Physic Droog, who announced himself as the group’s liason with the Apothecareum. Haven also made contact with the githyanki, who volunteered their assistance to recover the citizens that the Illithid kidnapped during the battle.

Rhuu surrendered during the battle. The party interrogated him and he told them that the Illithid were prideful enough to think that they could use the baleful stars to their own end. Rhuu told of the fall of the Illithid universe. When Urgo’s celestial sphere shattered and the stars were repelled, the stars regrouped at the Illithid world. They destroyed it and the Illithid fled to Urgo’s reality.

Volrun, Thelchtereia, and Mount Bai

The Drow Eladrin seemed to be after the seal in the Tartarus chasm, but the party fought them off. When the Drow were nearly defeated, they begged the party to spare the “Ancient,” the brain in a glass case that seemed to be directing the Drow. The party showed mercy and the Drow left. The party sealed the entrance to the Hero shrine. They discussed destroying it utterly, but decided to keep it intact but locked.


The party traveled to Volrun, where the High Surgeon Wulfgar lived who had tried to have them captured and brought before him. There they found the High Surgeon in his Plaguehouse, where he explained to them how poison has the potential to hurt or to heal, depending on how it is used and in what quantities.

They also found Silver in jail, although he didn’t seem particularly worse for wear. He had apparently broken into the Plaguehouse trying to get the location of the third Seal, but somehow arranged to be allowed to cook breakfast in his cell.

Wulfgar told the party where the Seal at Mount Bai was and urged them to make sure it was secure but not to destroy it, as he had plans for it. Silver urged the party to bury the seal forever so that it could never be accessed.


The party traveled toward Mount Bai, but first they stopped at Thelchtereia where they had been told a baleful star would land. They found it drifting toward Neugarde, propelled by strange aberrant ice oozes. The party disembarked on the iceberg, found the impact site, and destroyed the icy monster there, which saved the city. They were toasted as heroes.

Mount Bai

The party left Iola and traveled on foot on Mount Bai at the edge of the Barrens. They saw the forces of Orun arrayed in the wasteland below. As they approached they saw the baleful star Ulban fall, then something racing toward a great fortress on the mountainside. They destroyed this aberrant dragon then snuck into the fortress.

They found that the fortress was originally a citadel of the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye, but that it was now being held by devils led by the succubus Content Not Found: q. The party made a deal that they would leave the devils in charge of the citadel in exchange for the party informing Q of any new developments.

On the way back the party encountered a construct ship that appeared to be engaged in outright piracy. They boarded it and were able to communicate with its home port via a magic mirror. The construct on the other end of the line demanded the surrender of Haven.

They met the deva admiral Thessia at nearby and warned her of the impending danger to Haven, then traveled there themselves.

Lake Sinon and Tartarus

The party traveled on Iola east past the Illithid lands to the shores of Lake Sinon. There they saw a beam of light piercing the clouds. In a circle of standing stones, they joined a crowd of peaceful animals to witness the reincarnation of Hecate, a deva with only scattered memories of the current situation. While they were making their introductions, a blinding light fell from the sky elsewhere on the lakeshore.

The party quickly traveled there and discovered a small tribe of goliaths that had been mind-controlled by a fell taint. They dispatched the creature from the Far Realms, and in its dying throes it sent out a psychic wave that triggered empowering visions in each character.

The party departed the lakeshore, made a short stop to record an airship portal that Iola noticed, and continued on to the Tartarus Chasm. When they arrived, they noticed a strange dark cloud hovering below the regular cloud layer. When they investigated, however, the cloud dissipated with a strange smoky, mineral smell.

The party stopped at a dwarven mining structure in the chasm and shared an awkward exchange with the residents. The dwarves gave the party a gift of ale and pointed them toward a strange door that the dwarves had ignored. When the party arrived there, they found a door covered in buttons.

After experimentation caused gouts of fire to burn the party, Hecate used a ritual to determine that the buttons should be pressed in a spiral pattern. Beyond a door, the party found a complex carved out by a single man, crafted to tell the story of a Hero.

According to the reliefs, when three gods shattered a crystal wall or gate, strange orbs descended toward the world. The Hero crafted a black sword and fought back the largest of the orbs, which retreated. The gods grew fearful of the Hero’s power and attacked him by surprise. The sword fell and apparently created the Abyss, while the Hero was trapped in chains and sealed away. The reliefs ended with a plea to defy the gods and free the Hero.

At the end of the complex, the party found a huge cube: a Seal like the one below Stronghold. Two of its three locks were already open, and the corpse of the dragonborn sculptor Medrash kneeled before a half-finished key meant for the third lock. The Seal had been contained in an obelisk carved with the Supernal words, “We are sorry, Brother, but what you have become must never escape.” The party got the instructions to finish the key and prepared to leave.

Dipana created an impromptu shrine to Avandra and prayed for information on why the gods attacked the Hero. There was a rumble, and the statues elsewhere in the complex shifted. The party found a god’s statue beheaded by the fallen sword of the Hero, and the Hero’s blade split open with the word “EVIL” formed inside.

When the party stepped out of the complex and the door closed behind them, they found themselves confronted with strange dark-skinned, white-haired Eladrin stepping off of a foreign airship surrounded by a smoky cloud. On the deck was a brain in a glass enclosure.

Wylgarde Surprises

The party moved on from Jericho toward the mainland of the northern continent, and stopped at the port city of Wylgarde in Jurn to do some business. Upon arriving, they noticed a smoking and damaged ship limping into dock and three prominent merchant vessels next to each other, flying the flags of different companies’ management.

After engaging in commerce, the party headed to the Scurvy Spyglass, a middle-scale tavern that appealed to tourists with a piratey theme. They discovered Silver there, standing on a table and singing. Theron snuck into a back room, disguised as a server, to spy on the merchant admirals having their discussion. It seems that merchant ships are being attacked by strange vessels of unknown origins which are only stealing the most valuable items.

Silver left and snuck back in, and spoke with the party about their progress. Upon learning of the Hyperion prophecy and Ezekiel’s news, he grew quite concerned. He explained that a group or cult called the Order of the Hero believed that a great hero had defended the world from a great threat and then been betrayed by the gods and imprisoned. Silver believes that the Order will be seeking out the Seals and trying to free the being imprisoned in chains. He suggested ignoring the falling lights completely, calling them “a symptom,” and focusing on securing the seals so that the Order could not unlock them.

After playing a prank on Silver, the party left and was immediately lured into a confrontation with some well-trained and -equipped thugs. The party defeated the thugs and interrogated one. They believed that the thug was a member of the Apothecareum, a supposedly-mythical underworld organization. He claimed that he was given orders to capture the party and bring them to the High Surgeon in Volrun. The party told him to go hide in the mountains for three days before he even thought about reporting back.

The party departed Wylgarde, intending to visit Volrun, Lake Sinon, and the Tartarus Chasm.

The Events at Jericho

The party briefly moored at Landing to take on supplies. They named their ship Iola the Arctic Gale after a little girl that helped outfit it.

In pursuit of the scholar mentioned in the Hyperion prophecy, the party traveled to Jericho, an Eladrin city. The city was one enormous pair of towers, dripping with greenery, and with parts of the towers disappearing into a cloud of mist and a mass of leaves. Most of the party submitted to having their weapons peacebound and entered the city, but Abraham refused and stayed behind.

The rest of the party toured the city with the accompaniment of a minder, Peter. They learned that it is very xenophobic and that the only way to get access to the astronomer at the Academy was to get permission from the Patriarch, Isaac. While they were making a plan, they noticed that their ship was no longer in dock, but instead was hovering over the city.

Upon visiting the guardhouse at the docks, the party learned that Abe had attacked the ship in some sort of attempt to enter Jericho with an unbound weapon. Peter recognized Abe, saying that he was a proponent of the “Judasian Heresy.” This drew the attention of Micah, some sort of special investigator for the Patriarch. Because of Abe’s crimes and heresy, he was to have a trial in front of the Patriarch, and the party was permitted to attend.

At the trial, Abe was allowed to speak in his defense. He shouted that Judas was alive, and was immediately silenced by Micah. The Patriarch passed sentence on Abe: reeducation. Suddenly, the Patriarch’s guards were killed by a series of well-aimed crossbow bolts, and a figure dove from the gallery into the crowd.

The party leaped into action, fighting the apparent assassin, who seemed to be in some sort of berserker trance. Abe ran up to him and demanded that the assassin release him, but both the party and the assassin attacked him and knocked him unconscious. The party defeated the assassin and the Patriarch survived. Afterwards, someone in the crowd shouted out Theron Skarvald’s real name, even though he was traveling incognito. As cheers rose, Salim determined that there were plants in the crowd, designed to interfere with the guards and help with the commotion.

After Abe, the body of the assassin, and a conspirator were dragged off, the party met with the Patriarch, who granted them permission to speak with the astronomer, Ezekiel. They traveled up to the Academy through the fogbank and found themselves in a missing section of tower apparently located in the Shadowfell.

Ezekiel told the party that the Baleful Stars were becoming more active. When asked about the terrible light mentioned in the Hyperion prophecy, he searched and discovered that Acamar and Gibbeth were sending meteors down into the world. Gibbeth’s child star was smaller, and would land in Lake Sinon; Acamar’s was larger, and would hit the massive iceberg of Thelchteria. Both would strike with enough force to momentarily blind anyone looking at them.

Before leaving, the party asked a few questions of Ozem, the academy’s arcane historian.

Discovering a Workshop

The party found out where the stone circle was found and departed from Shelter in the morning. They slogged through ashy mud and rain, climbing toward the volcano’s caldera. They encountered a pair of dragons twisted by elemental energy and accompanied by clusters of floating storm shards that attacked the party with lightning. The party prevailed.

They then found the stone circle against a cliff. It was very large and marked with runes like those on a portal circle. Dipana de Lina was able to activate the portal by touching it with the claw of Azzah. The portal led into a dark room.

The party explored the other side and found it to be the workshop of a person named Cog. Cog could apparently use both human-sized tools and enormous tools, and had built an airship. The party found Cog’s notebook, work area, and living area. Everything seemed to be about 500 years old.

Salim placed the magic core from the stiletto ship into the magical nexus of the airship, and it awoke. The ship spoke via an orb on deck, answered some questions, and accepted the party as its assigned crew. Theron seemed to convince it that Kilo was really Cog. The ship was able to register portal codes for Home/Drydock and Hyperion, but didn’t know any other codes. It opened the portal and flew out to Hyperion.

The Hyperion Oracle

The party continued through the tunnels. Following some carvings depicting study and arcane ability, the party navigated through enchanted tunnels that seemed to curve back on themselves in knots. Following carvings depicting observation and good judgement, the party navigated an ash-floored cave with spots of quick-ash using Abraham’s floating disk (Murrke navigated through by following a safe path).

Finally, the party came to a chamber prefaced by carvings of musical performance and negotiation. Within was a dragon, Ferranviltemper, who claimed the cave was his lair and refused passage. The party managed to bribe him with Gentle Reposed faewine from Stronghold and one of Dipana’s hats.

The party emerged onto the mountainside near Temple. They met a jogging Githzerai named Do who spoke of a strange stone circle that had become uncovered near Shelter. The party continued onward to Temple, where they met an old Githzerai named Talo sweeping the front walk despite the constant fall of ash. The party helped Talo sweep, and he gave Dipana a cloak in return.

The party entered Temple and met with the oracle, Mae. She was an old woman with burns down one side of her body, and she breathed the fumes of the volcano and provided a prophecy. She also looked at the prophecy given in Stronghold and said that while it was a true prophecy, it had “bias.” She told Murrke to travel with the party to continue his training.

The party traveled to Shelter on the far side of the volcano in the storm, and rested there.

Arrival on Hyperion
Meeting Murrke and Pursuing Trials

Upon arriving at Hyperion, the party was directed to a sort of tavern by the person who came to the harbor to inspect their ship. At the tavern, the party met Murrke, a Githzerai monk who was studying at Temple, the monastery where the Oracle they sought could be found.

According to Murrke, all visitors to Temple had to pass a set of trials to prove their worth. Murrke offered to guide the party to Temple, but refused to offer any assistance with the trials. Along the way, the party encountered several beasts that emerged from a lava field. Despite the difficulty of reaching the creatures in the middle of a pool of lava, the PCs were able to destroy them and recovered a magic folding cloth of holding containing various useful items.

The party soon entered a tunnel under a cliff. They found carvings on the walls depicting various displays of muscular prowess. Soon thereafter, they encountered a heavy stone door that Salim had to lift and hold open for the party to pass.

Then the party saw carvings of feats of quickness and reflexes. In the next room, Theron dodged columns of falling lava in order to open the way forward.

The next section of tunnels displayed images of physical fortitude, after which Salim had to push through a chamber full of noxious gas to vent the room and let the party continue.

Story So Far

The party was summoned by Elka, a deva coordinator in Haven, to investigate reports of trespassing on the Island of Lost Souls. They discovered that the Mazer Corps was breaking into the ruins of Stronghold. The Mazer Corps was hired by the Maedo Group, a tiefling criminal organization. The dig was ordered by Silver, a flamboyant elf who hired the party (in “adventurer” disguise) to investigate Stronghold and bring back or destroy anything non-Eladrin.

Using the Amiasmic Censer, the party descended through the necrotic Miasma of Stronghold. They found Corbuzzash, a devil scholar, studying the Miasma pouring out of a large cube with a keyhole. He provided them access to an oracle that gave a strange prophecy. Following the chain from the cube, they eventually found their way to a dig site. On the way, they had a vision of the origins of the Eladrin Plague.

Judas had invited a group of Ioun/Vecna researcher cultists to witness the opening of an obelisk. Inside was a cube covered in chains that shot out three locks and the Miasma that destroyed Stronghold. After defeating Andraste, one of the researchers, in Efrat’s body, the party managed to gain access to the dig site.

There, they found Judas covered in spirals and undead. He claimed that they were too weak to stop him, and that the only way to stop the entity imprisoned in the seal from escaping was to let Andraste possess Judas and escape. The party allowed her to do so, and she escaped into the Feywild.

Upon returning to Haven, the Illithid Synapse merchant fleet had advanced on the city. The party was sent to smooth things over diplomatically with Orrhi the merchant queen, but discussions were cut short by the attack of a mysterious Stiletto ship. Rhuu, the three-tentacled collar-maker, recruited the party to help stop it.

The party boarded the ship, and discovered that it was crewed entirely by constructs who were stealing from the Synapse Fleet to gain residuum. The party destroyed the large pilot-construct and managed to crash-land the ship in water. They recovered the pilot’s memory-plates and the ship’s lift core.

Now, on the advice of Silver, the party has arrived on the volcanic island of Hyperion to consult with the oracle there.


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