The Hyperion Oracle

The party continued through the tunnels. Following some carvings depicting study and arcane ability, the party navigated through enchanted tunnels that seemed to curve back on themselves in knots. Following carvings depicting observation and good judgement, the party navigated an ash-floored cave with spots of quick-ash using Abraham’s floating disk (Murrke navigated through by following a safe path).

Finally, the party came to a chamber prefaced by carvings of musical performance and negotiation. Within was a dragon, Ferranviltemper, who claimed the cave was his lair and refused passage. The party managed to bribe him with Gentle Reposed faewine from Stronghold and one of Dipana’s hats.

The party emerged onto the mountainside near Temple. They met a jogging Githzerai named Do who spoke of a strange stone circle that had become uncovered near Shelter. The party continued onward to Temple, where they met an old Githzerai named Talo sweeping the front walk despite the constant fall of ash. The party helped Talo sweep, and he gave Dipana a cloak in return.

The party entered Temple and met with the oracle, Mae. She was an old woman with burns down one side of her body, and she breathed the fumes of the volcano and provided a prophecy. She also looked at the prophecy given in Stronghold and said that while it was a true prophecy, it had “bias.” She told Murrke to travel with the party to continue his training.

The party traveled to Shelter on the far side of the volcano in the storm, and rested there.

Arrival on Hyperion
Meeting Murrke and Pursuing Trials

Upon arriving at Hyperion, the party was directed to a sort of tavern by the person who came to the harbor to inspect their ship. At the tavern, the party met Murrke, a Githzerai monk who was studying at Temple, the monastery where the Oracle they sought could be found.

According to Murrke, all visitors to Temple had to pass a set of trials to prove their worth. Murrke offered to guide the party to Temple, but refused to offer any assistance with the trials. Along the way, the party encountered several beasts that emerged from a lava field. Despite the difficulty of reaching the creatures in the middle of a pool of lava, the PCs were able to destroy them and recovered a magic folding cloth of holding containing various useful items.

The party soon entered a tunnel under a cliff. They found carvings on the walls depicting various displays of muscular prowess. Soon thereafter, they encountered a heavy stone door that Salim had to lift and hold open for the party to pass.

Then the party saw carvings of feats of quickness and reflexes. In the next room, Theron dodged columns of falling lava in order to open the way forward.

The next section of tunnels displayed images of physical fortitude, after which Salim had to push through a chamber full of noxious gas to vent the room and let the party continue.

Story So Far

The party was summoned by Elka, a deva coordinator in Haven, to investigate reports of trespassing on the Island of Lost Souls. They discovered that the Mazer Corps was breaking into the ruins of Stronghold. The Mazer Corps was hired by the Maedo Group, a tiefling criminal organization. The dig was ordered by Silver, a flamboyant elf who hired the party (in “adventurer” disguise) to investigate Stronghold and bring back or destroy anything non-Eladrin.

Using the Amiasmic Censer, the party descended through the necrotic Miasma of Stronghold. They found Corbuzzash, a devil scholar, studying the Miasma pouring out of a large cube with a keyhole. He provided them access to an oracle that gave a strange prophecy. Following the chain from the cube, they eventually found their way to a dig site. On the way, they had a vision of the origins of the Eladrin Plague.

Judas had invited a group of Ioun/Vecna researcher cultists to witness the opening of an obelisk. Inside was a cube covered in chains that shot out three locks and the Miasma that destroyed Stronghold. After defeating Andraste, one of the researchers, in Efrat’s body, the party managed to gain access to the dig site.

There, they found Judas covered in spirals and undead. He claimed that they were too weak to stop him, and that the only way to stop the entity imprisoned in the seal from escaping was to let Andraste possess Judas and escape. The party allowed her to do so, and she escaped into the Feywild.

Upon returning to Haven, the Illithid Synapse merchant fleet had advanced on the city. The party was sent to smooth things over diplomatically with Orrhi the merchant queen, but discussions were cut short by the attack of a mysterious Stiletto ship. Rhuu, the three-tentacled collar-maker, recruited the party to help stop it.

The party boarded the ship, and discovered that it was crewed entirely by constructs who were stealing from the Synapse Fleet to gain residuum. The party destroyed the large pilot-construct and managed to crash-land the ship in water. They recovered the pilot’s memory-plates and the ship’s lift core.

Now, on the advice of Silver, the party has arrived on the volcanic island of Hyperion to consult with the oracle there.


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