Volrun, Thelchtereia, and Mount Bai

The Drow Eladrin seemed to be after the seal in the Tartarus chasm, but the party fought them off. When the Drow were nearly defeated, they begged the party to spare the “Ancient,” the brain in a glass case that seemed to be directing the Drow. The party showed mercy and the Drow left. The party sealed the entrance to the Hero shrine. They discussed destroying it utterly, but decided to keep it intact but locked.


The party traveled to Volrun, where the High Surgeon Wulfgar lived who had tried to have them captured and brought before him. There they found the High Surgeon in his Plaguehouse, where he explained to them how poison has the potential to hurt or to heal, depending on how it is used and in what quantities.

They also found Silver in jail, although he didn’t seem particularly worse for wear. He had apparently broken into the Plaguehouse trying to get the location of the third Seal, but somehow arranged to be allowed to cook breakfast in his cell.

Wulfgar told the party where the Seal at Mount Bai was and urged them to make sure it was secure but not to destroy it, as he had plans for it. Silver urged the party to bury the seal forever so that it could never be accessed.


The party traveled toward Mount Bai, but first they stopped at Thelchtereia where they had been told a baleful star would land. They found it drifting toward Neugarde, propelled by strange aberrant ice oozes. The party disembarked on the iceberg, found the impact site, and destroyed the icy monster there, which saved the city. They were toasted as heroes.

Mount Bai

The party left Iola and traveled on foot on Mount Bai at the edge of the Barrens. They saw the forces of Orun arrayed in the wasteland below. As they approached they saw the baleful star Ulban fall, then something racing toward a great fortress on the mountainside. They destroyed this aberrant dragon then snuck into the fortress.

They found that the fortress was originally a citadel of the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye, but that it was now being held by devils led by the succubus Content Not Found: q. The party made a deal that they would leave the devils in charge of the citadel in exchange for the party informing Q of any new developments.

On the way back the party encountered a construct ship that appeared to be engaged in outright piracy. They boarded it and were able to communicate with its home port via a magic mirror. The construct on the other end of the line demanded the surrender of Haven.

They met the deva admiral Thessia at nearby and warned her of the impending danger to Haven, then traveled there themselves.


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