The Hyperion Oracle

The party continued through the tunnels. Following some carvings depicting study and arcane ability, the party navigated through enchanted tunnels that seemed to curve back on themselves in knots. Following carvings depicting observation and good judgement, the party navigated an ash-floored cave with spots of quick-ash using Abraham’s floating disk (Murrke navigated through by following a safe path).

Finally, the party came to a chamber prefaced by carvings of musical performance and negotiation. Within was a dragon, Ferranviltemper, who claimed the cave was his lair and refused passage. The party managed to bribe him with Gentle Reposed faewine from Stronghold and one of Dipana’s hats.

The party emerged onto the mountainside near Temple. They met a jogging Githzerai named Do who spoke of a strange stone circle that had become uncovered near Shelter. The party continued onward to Temple, where they met an old Githzerai named Talo sweeping the front walk despite the constant fall of ash. The party helped Talo sweep, and he gave Dipana a cloak in return.

The party entered Temple and met with the oracle, Mae. She was an old woman with burns down one side of her body, and she breathed the fumes of the volcano and provided a prophecy. She also looked at the prophecy given in Stronghold and said that while it was a true prophecy, it had “bias.” She told Murrke to travel with the party to continue his training.

The party traveled to Shelter on the far side of the volcano in the storm, and rested there.


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