Protecting the Seal and the Battle of Haven

Upon arriving at Haven, the party consulted some experts. Salim spoke with Atshe Dean about the nature of the constructs and the malicious memories that he had stored on his removed memory disks. Meanwhile, Murrke and Dipana de Lina worked with Brother Li on an experiment: write spirals in Judas’s prayer book to see what happens. The book sent out jets of fire.

Operating under guidance from Avandra, the party headed for Stronghold where they knew that Haven forces were guarding the Seal there under the oversight of Elka and the Order member Kada.


The party snuck into Stronghold without being spotted by the Haven fleet. They found themselves confronted by soldiers from the Order of the Hero, who attacked to keep them from getting to the Seal. When they got to the Seal chamber, they found Kada leading an effort to unlock the final Lock on the Seal.

The party battled the forces of the Order beneath the open obelisk, preventing them from opening the final Lock. When Elka saw how Kada was willing to attack Haven forces to open the Seal, she ordered Kada and other Order members imprisoned.

When the party emerged, they found that two threats to Haven had arrived at the same time: the Construct Navy’s ultimatum came due at the same time as a storm of small baleful stars was falling on the city.

The Battle of Haven

The party fought an air battle to reach the city and volunteered their services to the city. Suspecting that Silver was really a dragon in disguise, they convinced him to break his cover and help in the battle by making a dramatic entrance to the tavern he was attending and making a compelling argument. They helped with the strategy of the city defense and encouraged stranded adventurers in town to contribute.

The party wrested control of the city’s defensive emplacements from aberrant and construct forces, cleared the city streets of the largest threats. Meanwhile the illithid fleet that had been lurking outside the city on the pretense of protecting it from additional threats swept in and collected as many of the meteors as they could. Just as the party had turned the tide of the battle, an enormous dome-shaped construct dreadnaught rose from the ocean and approached Haven.

The party boarded the construct ship and fought their way to its core, where a figure sat on a throne. They recognized him as the artificial body of Chief Ironglove, one of the researchers from the party’s vision at Stronghold. Salim reintegrated his memory plates, giving him memories of being synced with Ironglove. This helped the party to defeat Ironglove and stop the assault on Haven.


The city was damaged but survived. The team was hailed as the Saviors of Haven. Iola was heavily damaged in the fighting. The silver dragon disappeared without telling anyone his name.

At the award ceremony, the festivities were interrupted by the arrival of Gabriella, an angel announcing the arrival of the Hero who would save them all. The party confronted the angel, managing to intimidate her into giving more details. They soon realized that this Hero was Judas seeking redemption, although that is not yet public knowledge.

Salim was awarded a special post as a special protector of Haven, which he accepted in part to recover from the neurological fallout of syncing up with Ironglove.

The party was approached by Physic Droog, who announced himself as the group’s liason with the Apothecareum. Haven also made contact with the githyanki, who volunteered their assistance to recover the citizens that the Illithid kidnapped during the battle.

Rhuu surrendered during the battle. The party interrogated him and he told them that the Illithid were prideful enough to think that they could use the baleful stars to their own end. Rhuu told of the fall of the Illithid universe. When Urgo’s celestial sphere shattered and the stars were repelled, the stars regrouped at the Illithid world. They destroyed it and the Illithid fled to Urgo’s reality.


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