Missing Wings and Fevered Dreams

The party was both emboldened and concerned by their trip to the Abyss, and decided to seek guidance from what allies they could find. Remembering the people mentioned in The Stronghold Prophecy, they decided to meet with whatever demigods they could find. They knew that Tetra was in Cannabis, so they tried to make contact with Onkar.

Dipana focused and reached her mind out toward Onkar and felt a dozing consciousness, like a patient drugged and spread open on a surgery table. She wasn’t able to get a precise fix, but she believed it was in the Jovian Archipelago.

Bay 14

The party traveled to the gnome city of Jove and made inquiries. Dipana, Hecate, and Mikaul spoke to officials, learning that they lost contact with Onkar over a century ago for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, after a stop at the interracial nightclub Stilts, Theron, Murrke, and Hogarth visited a curio shop where they purchased what was purported to be a lynchpin of Onkar.

When the party regrouped, they found that Iola was gone. They communicated with her via their Sending Stones and found that she was somehow being controlled involuntarily from a distance. She was taken to the government shipyards into the apparently unused Bay 14, where she descended through giant hangar doors into the machinery below.

The party commandeered a vessel and broke into Bay 14, where they found a hidden shipbuilding complex adorned with motifs of scales and repurposed limbs from some enormous construct. They made their way to the bottom, noting rooms that seemed to be performing almost biological functions.

On their way to Iola, they were stopped in a chapel to Onkar by a group of gnome and construct cultists. They learned that this cult had somehow imprisoned Onkar and cannibalized him into a comatose factory for the Jovian defense program. After some deliberation, the party inserted the lynchpin into the flywheel in the chapel, reawakening Onkar and causing him to tear the facility apart.

The party quickly boarded Iola, taking cultists with them including Father Litor, a beardy gnome who was one of the leaders of the cultists. They watched as Onkar rose from the shipyard, tearing it apart, destroyed any ships which attacked him, and constructed himself a temple sanctuary.

The party entered the sanctuary to meet with Onkar. There they received confirmation that Onkar and Cog were the same being and introduced him to his creation, Iola. Onkar pledged them a boon for releasing him, which they decided to request at a later date.

The Temple at Cannabis

The party then traveled to Cannabis, where they joined the pilgrims traveling to visit Tetra. They ritually cleansed themselves and waited in line, most of them falling victim to hallucinatory vapors. They finally were admitted to Tetra’s chamber, where she seemed confused and dangerous.

She told the party the true name of the Chained God within the sealed prison: Tharizdun. In the confusion and the struggle surrounding the audience, Mikaul was temporarily overcome by some outside force. When all was said and done, the temple was in chaos and Tetra had vanished. The priests of Tetra didn’t seem concerned by any of this.

The party made contact with Ioun through a representative, Aaron, who told them that Ioun was carefully seeking more information on the current situation before acting. She was not inclined to forgive Judas.

Later, Dipana received a pouch of coins, the payout from her investment weeks before. The company had been ruined and liquidated in the construct attacks.


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