Lake Sinon and Tartarus

The party traveled on Iola east past the Illithid lands to the shores of Lake Sinon. There they saw a beam of light piercing the clouds. In a circle of standing stones, they joined a crowd of peaceful animals to witness the reincarnation of Hecate, a deva with only scattered memories of the current situation. While they were making their introductions, a blinding light fell from the sky elsewhere on the lakeshore.

The party quickly traveled there and discovered a small tribe of goliaths that had been mind-controlled by a fell taint. They dispatched the creature from the Far Realms, and in its dying throes it sent out a psychic wave that triggered empowering visions in each character.

The party departed the lakeshore, made a short stop to record an airship portal that Iola noticed, and continued on to the Tartarus Chasm. When they arrived, they noticed a strange dark cloud hovering below the regular cloud layer. When they investigated, however, the cloud dissipated with a strange smoky, mineral smell.

The party stopped at a dwarven mining structure in the chasm and shared an awkward exchange with the residents. The dwarves gave the party a gift of ale and pointed them toward a strange door that the dwarves had ignored. When the party arrived there, they found a door covered in buttons.

After experimentation caused gouts of fire to burn the party, Hecate used a ritual to determine that the buttons should be pressed in a spiral pattern. Beyond a door, the party found a complex carved out by a single man, crafted to tell the story of a Hero.

According to the reliefs, when three gods shattered a crystal wall or gate, strange orbs descended toward the world. The Hero crafted a black sword and fought back the largest of the orbs, which retreated. The gods grew fearful of the Hero’s power and attacked him by surprise. The sword fell and apparently created the Abyss, while the Hero was trapped in chains and sealed away. The reliefs ended with a plea to defy the gods and free the Hero.

At the end of the complex, the party found a huge cube: a Seal like the one below Stronghold. Two of its three locks were already open, and the corpse of the dragonborn sculptor Medrash kneeled before a half-finished key meant for the third lock. The Seal had been contained in an obelisk carved with the Supernal words, “We are sorry, Brother, but what you have become must never escape.” The party got the instructions to finish the key and prepared to leave.

Dipana created an impromptu shrine to Avandra and prayed for information on why the gods attacked the Hero. There was a rumble, and the statues elsewhere in the complex shifted. The party found a god’s statue beheaded by the fallen sword of the Hero, and the Hero’s blade split open with the word “EVIL” formed inside.

When the party stepped out of the complex and the door closed behind them, they found themselves confronted with strange dark-skinned, white-haired Eladrin stepping off of a foreign airship surrounded by a smoky cloud. On the deck was a brain in a glass enclosure.


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