Illithids and Djinns

Assault on Illithids

The party traveled to the Astral Sea with the githyanki to train for their assault on the illithid Ganglion Fleet, which had kidnapped citizens of Haven during the great battle there. At the githyanki citadel, they were told that the illithid thralls were beyond help and were instructed to kill a group of them in cold blood to prepare them for the fight ahead. Some members of the party did so, but they emerged with a distaste for the githyanki and their tactics.

The party emerged from the Astral Sea riding on dragons with the githyanki. They were joined by a pair of adventurers riding a griffon: Mikaul and Hogarth Wurmsmasher, who had been told of the kidnapped citizens by a dragon they encountered.

Together, the group fought through the illithid mothership and rescued the prisoners, smashing the ship to bits as they did so.

A Moment’s Rest

The party traveled back to Haven, where Theron and Hogarth visited a dark oracle, Dipana and Murrke spoke with Brother Li, and Hecate and Mikaul researched with help from Teleth. They emerged with a decision to travel to the City of Brass in the Elemental Plane of Chaos, where they could perhaps find passage to the Abyss.

Slave of Djinns

The party left Iola behind again and traveled to the City of Brass by portal. When they arrived, they found themselves sealed inside an immigration area, where they were forced to find a sponsor in order to enter the city proper. Their sponsor ended up being Karadjin Oh-um. With the help of his water Genassi servant Tiida, he subjected the party to a series of contrived tasks. First, clear his cellar of vermin; second, slay a dragon; and third, retrieve the Sword of the Hero from the bottom of the Abyss.

While waiting in his manor, some of the PCs found a shrine to a spiral-symboled entity called the Elder Elemental Eye. They made unsettling contact with this being who was trapped in darkness and escaped with their sanity mostly intact.

While in the City the party discovered a portal ring that would enable them to return there with Iola.


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