Discovering a Workshop

The party found out where the stone circle was found and departed from Shelter in the morning. They slogged through ashy mud and rain, climbing toward the volcano’s caldera. They encountered a pair of dragons twisted by elemental energy and accompanied by clusters of floating storm shards that attacked the party with lightning. The party prevailed.

They then found the stone circle against a cliff. It was very large and marked with runes like those on a portal circle. Dipana de Lina was able to activate the portal by touching it with the claw of Azzah. The portal led into a dark room.

The party explored the other side and found it to be the workshop of a person named Cog. Cog could apparently use both human-sized tools and enormous tools, and had built an airship. The party found Cog’s notebook, work area, and living area. Everything seemed to be about 500 years old.

Salim placed the magic core from the stiletto ship into the magical nexus of the airship, and it awoke. The ship spoke via an orb on deck, answered some questions, and accepted the party as its assigned crew. Theron seemed to convince it that Kilo was really Cog. The ship was able to register portal codes for Home/Drydock and Hyperion, but didn’t know any other codes. It opened the portal and flew out to Hyperion.


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