A Series of Cold Receptions

The party received word from Ezekiel that he had urgent news regarding the baleful stars. They traveled to Jericho, where they faced an interesting obstacle: as an Eladrin exile, Mikaul was not allowed inside the tower-city. They were able to convince the Patriarch, Isaac, to allow Mikaul to enter as an example of justice to the other Eladrin, accompanied by a young herald named Beth who would shout about the exile’s status. The Patriarch had not overturned the sentence administered by Judas, but he had relaxed its severity.

The party visited Ezekiel in his observatory. The astronomer told him that Nihal, the Serpent Star, herald of Allabar, would reach the world in 30 days. He didn’t know where it would hit yet, but he would keep the party updated. They had two options: let the star fall and cause untold devastation but spread out the damage of the stars, or stop the star before it landed and delay the approach of the other stars at the cost of having them all arrive at once.

Armed with this information, Dipana de Lina and Mikaul performed a ritual to communicate with Judas. He appeared to bear little ill will toward Mikaul, claiming that he had turned over a new leaf. He knew that the party had met with his “sister,” and announced that “we’re fine,” apparently referring to himself and Andraste. He claimed that he alone had the power to destroy the stars and invited the party to help him by joining him at Newhaven.

The party secured permission to travel through Jericho to the Feywild on the pretense of getting information on Judas’s efforts. On the other side, Jericho was a sprawling city. Hogarth Wurmsmasher took time to hunt down a magic belt of strength that would require the pelt of a Winterclaw Owlbear. In order to get this pelt, they had to travel into a snowy mountainous area that was the domain of some sort of imprisoned Snow Princess.

While slaying the owlbear, the party met an adorable mystical snow fox who pleaded with them to free the Princess, who had been sealed away by an evil witch. The fox promised them riches to do so. They had an audience with the Princess and became increasingly doubtful. They learned that the fox was a fey daughter of the Princess and that, if freed, the Princess would try to rule “this land” as a queen of eternal winter. Despite the promise of “riches,” the party left the Princess trapped in her ice cage.

The party headed for the ocean to get to Newhaven. On the way, they passed an Eladrin reeducation camp where Abraham ben Moses was brushing a unicorn. Theron Skarvald stayed behind to break Abraham out of jail, and the rest of the party continued on magically summoned horses to Newhaven.

Newhaven was a giant jellyfish at the site of the material world’s Haven, with an army camped on its massive back. The party encountered Gabriella again and spoke with Judas, who urged them to go into the Abyss and retrieve the Sword of the Hero for him while he negotiated and allied with other powerful beings, including evil gods. The party was reluctant.

Mikaul attempted to contact Tharizdun and received a suggestion that the Sword would be able to corrupt any mortal being. He also discovered that the Seal at Tartarus Chasm was open and cultists were visiting the chained god.

when the Ioun-aligned Eladrin attacked, the party convinced Judas to let them flee to consider his offer. While he was fighting off the invaders they stole some religious implements. Finally, they escaped through a ritual the demigod performed.

Back in Haven, Dipana contacted Avandra for her advice in the situation. She received an enthusiastic vision of everyone working together and trying their best, which was encouraging but lacking in specifics.

The party contacted Onkar and asked for a full map of the portals so that Iola could travel at will. Onkar did one better and constructed a portal at Haven, letting Iola reunite with the party.

Having received word that he had returned, the party went to meet with Silver. Silver suggested they seek out the remaining individuals from The Stronghold Prophecy and provided them with a mysterious metal canister that he said would render the Tartarus Seal inaccessible.

Before leaving, Physic Droog approached the party and gave what seemed like an ominous ultimatum: they were not to close the Seal, as the Apothecareum had plans to use the Sword against the stars. The party gave a noncommittal response before departing for the Tartarus Chasm.

27 Days Left


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